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2016: Fall Collection

Hoa Kai Surf (, makers of 100 percent raw cotton Turkish towels traditionally loomed in Southeast Turkey, announced today their Fall 2016 collection. The line features the first-ever prints on raw cotton, overcoming traditional challenges with bleeding and fading on the fabric to deliver a range of Hawaiian-inspired prints in vintage and bold lines that range from birds of paradise and pineapples to an “Aloha” plumeria print.

“Our Fall 2016 collection features a range of colors and styles to appeal to a range of consumers, from solids and stripes to vintage, beach-worn patterns that offer a feel of the islands,” explains Kelly Kakalia, founder of Hoa Kai Surf. “Beginning next month, we’ll be introducing our vibrant line of prints, which are fade-resistant and feature our line of patterns in bold, bright colors.”

Hoa Kai, which translates to seaside companion, was born from a mother’s quest to find an eco-friendly, energy efficient, and high quality towel solution for people who spend time near the water. During the company’s research phase, insight into the history, art, and evolution of the Turkish towel created a secondary purpose for her brand: supporting and reviving the centuries-old art of Turkish towel making for weaving families that had been bankrupted by low quality, polyester-infused imitation towels that have been mass produced elsewhere.

“Living in Kauai, my family spends five or more days a week at the beach, which means we go through a lot of towels. Terry towels are bulky, get moldy and sandy, and use a lot of energy and water to wash,” adds Kakalia. “My research put me in contact with two families who have been in the weaving industry for generations, leading to a partnership that is committed to creating the best quality products on the market while supporting families whose livelihoods have been threatened by imitation towels.”

Traditional Turkish towels have been loomed by weaving families since the 17th century for bathhouses, or hamams. They have seen a resurgence in Australia and in surf communities around the globe, due to their compact, absorbent and light-weight qualities. Hoa Kai Turkish towels are made from 100 percent raw, Turkish cotton, grown in the Aegean province of Turkey, known for some of the world’s highest quality cotton.

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