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About Us


Hoa Kai was born on the beaches of Kaua’i. The raw beauty and magic of the islands is best understood by a local Kaua’i girl, Kelly Kakalia. She and her husband, Andrew, spent their childhood at the beach. Now, along with their 3 children, they truly know and appreciate the simplicity and often messy nature of raising keiki steps from the sand. 5 years ago, they found themselves constantly washing moldy, sand trapping towels that wasted space in the laundry machine and beach bag! Enter the Turkish towel, and Kelly and Andrew were blown away - these soft, high quality, fast drying towels were lightweight AND sand resistant. Perfect for their island life!  They knew they needed to share Turkish towels with friends and family.

On a small island, community is everything, and the Hawaiian culture that created it still runs deep. Kelly was inspired to seek out Turkish towel weavers that held the same values of community and sustainability while supporting the culture that first created these incredible towels. Today, the Turkish towel industry has been taken over by machines and mass production. Because of this, hundreds and possibly thousands of weavers have been put into poverty. Manufacturers selling huge quantities of towels at a lower cost put Turkish families out of business and out of tradition. In her search for the “best of the best,” Kelly was fortunate enough to find a small village in Southeast Turkey weaving authentic Turkish towels. They are incredible master weavers, and have quality that no machine controlled loom can copy.

In the spirit of community, Hoa Kai strives to collaborate with local companies, designers, and organizations working to preserve Hawaiian culture. Kelly and the wahine who make up Hoa Kai are committed to supporting local and creating opportunities for everyone to grow. Your purchase of a Hoa Kai towel is part of a bigger mission to create more sustainable, ethical and thriving communities.


We have worked with organizations like Iolani Palace, Beautifully Flawed (Bethany Hamilton’s organization), Kaua’i Lifeguards and the Kaua’i YWCA. We believe in giving back to the communities we work and live in while supporting businesses and organizations that are working to improve the lives of those around us.

Our Team

As Kauai women and mamas, we are challenging the idea that you have to choose between your family and career. We are creating opportunities for women to shine and supporting other women-owned businesses whenever we can. Meet the Hoa Kai team to learn about our favorite Hawaiian businesses and more.

KellyCEO & Founder

Kaua’i raised & proud Kapa’a high school grad. Mama of 3. In addition to chasing around my 3 groms, I love working out, jiujistu, camping, beaching, and anything outdoors with my family. 

Favorite Hawaiian word: Onipa’a. It means to stand firm. Broken into two words it is oni: shake or shift, and pa’a: meaning affixed or set solid. It was Queen Lili'u'okalani’s motto and reminds me to stay the course even when things are challenging.

Favorite Hawai’i businesses: Kealopiko and Aloha Collection. They inspire me so much. Both are owned and operated by local Hawai’i women and their products and designs are amazing. The brands they have created are legendary and I hope one day Hoa Kai can reach the same growth.

KuʻuleiDirector of Business Operations

Kaua’i native, Kapa'a high school grad. Mama of two little ladies. My favorite hobbies are canoe paddling and day drinking (not at the same time).

Favorite Hawaiian word: Piko. It is the navel that feeds new life, and also represents one’s roots and beginnings.

Favorite Hawai’i organization: Nā Pua No’eau. I grew up in this program where they strive to educate and involve native Hawaiian kids in their environment and community. Nā Pua No’eau provides enrichment programs grounded in Hawaiian culture and language as the foundation for keiki of all ages.


Kauaʻi born and raised, Kapaʻa high school grad. Mama of 1. My favorite hobby is arts and crafts.

Favorite Hawaiian word: Mahina. Mahina means moon and it’s also my Hawaiian name. Moon watching is my favorite.

Favorite Kaua’i business: Kauaʻi juice Co. It’s one of the first places I go to when I arrive home. Their juices are amazing and the vibe they have created is addictive.

The Weavers

Our mission is to support and bring awareness to Turkish families who have struggled over the years to keep their traditions alive.

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