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Why Turkish Towels?



The Peshtemal or "Turkish towel" was first made in the 15th century by weavers in South Turkey for Hammams: ancient Roman style steam baths.  The towels made of 100% cotton were wide enough to wrap around ones body, yet still extremely light weight and absorbent. Eventually the practicality of these towels caught the attention of the surf and beach communities, and peshtemal took off worldwide!


  Turkish Towel Qualities:

Absorbs Water Just Like A Terry Towel
Dries Quickly
Takes Up Less Space
Easy To Carry And Travel With
100% Raw Turkish Cotton
Unbelievably Sand Resistant
Wide Enough And Light Enough
Eco-Friendly; Takes Up Little Space In The Washer. Hang To Dry
More Durable Than An Ordinary Towel
And We Make Them Cute :)