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Lei Kukui Towel


 Wrap yourself with a Kukui lei!

Hand-Loomed in Turkey with 100% Turkish Cotton


Pupuhi kukui, malino ke kai - Spewed kukui nuts, calm sea

Amongst the overbearing invasive plants of the islands, spot the Polynesian Kukui tree prominent in the lush.  The tops of the leaves stand out white light green in the surrounding dark greenery.  It is a hopeful sight!  The Kukui nut is roasted to make 'inamona, a food ingredient used to flavor Hawaiian dishes.  The oil from the Kukui nut was used for light, hence the definition of the Hawaiian word kukui, meaning light, lamp, and/or torch.  The Kukui sap was popular as an adhesive as well as for medicinal purposes.  And the bark was commonly used to build canoes and houses. 

Designed by a local Kaua'i artist, Maile Miyake.

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Colors do not fade or bleed over time

Machine wash in cool water with like-colors

No harsh detergents, dryer sheets, or bleach

Tumble on low heat or hang to dry